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Water and Waste-water Treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Products that deliver sustainable long-term solutions for the Water and Wastewater industries

Recognising the unique properties of basalt, Greenbank has become the UK’s leading supplier of a material ideally suited for a wide range of applications in the Water and Wastewater Treatment sectors, be it for underground urban sewer and drainage projects or above ground Water Treatment plants.

Offering exceptional resistance to abrasion and chemicals, the improved drag coefficient of our basalt-lined systems means clients can also specify pipework or tunnels with a smaller diameter than they would traditionally – increasing the scope for reducing excavation costs as well as improving performance.

Our basalt products can also be incorporated in sewer drop shafts, which are at significant risk of acidic attack from H2S, and for lining water tanks, where they also offer resistance to biofilm growth.

Already proven and widely used across Central Europe, they are now available to Greenbank’s clients in the UK Water and Wastewater Treatment sectors, as well as those of Franklyn Yates Engineering Ltd, which became part of the Greenbank Group in 2020.

Our Group’s combined skills and experience offer comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for operators of water treatment plants and companies responsible for the construction and maintenance of sewers, urban drains and river overflow systems.

From basalt sewer bricks to complex pipework within modern water treatment plants, the group can provide a comprehensive service from design through to installation and maintenance.

Often, this includes the use of advanced 3D scanning and mapping, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and discrete element method (DEM) modelling to find the most appropriate solutions for our clients.

Key Service Areas

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Urban Sewers and Drain Networks

Storm and River Water Overflow Drains

Manufacture and supply

Gutters and shaped pieces

  • Cast basalt gutter liners for partial or fully ovoid style sewer flow systems
  • Rectangular cast basalt tiles and radial basalt tiles for lining of large circular section sewers
  • Bespoke shaped radial basalt tiles for lining of large diameter round section sewer pipes
  • Split gutters from cast basalt tube liners

Lined Bypass sections

  • Fused cast basalt cylinders for protecting bypass sills
  • Fused cast basalt anchors for protective sills
  • Bespoke or special shaped basalt pieces for protective sills

Sewer Bricks in Basalt

  • Fused cast basalt half and full Brick
  • Fused cast basalt mosaic full and half brick
  • Fused cast basalt wedges
  • Fused cast basalt tiles up to 300mm x 300mm x 30mm thick

Cast Basalt lined steel Piping

  • Mains pipe 200nb to 1100nb
  • Special and large bore mains pipe up to 3000nb [made in cast basalt radial segments]
  • Basalt cylinders – length 0.5 metre
  • Heading tubes - length up to 1 metre
  • IN LINE heading tubes - sections encased in steel or glass fibre wrapped.

Mortars and adhesives

We recommend the use of our Eufix-S range of mortars and grouts as the best fit for purpose, long-lasting adhesion and chemical resistant bonding system for use with basalt.

Eufix-S was specially developed for adhering, pointing and laying of basalt to concrete structures, floor surfaces, walls, tubes, wells etc. These are even suitable for where liners are in a wet or fully submerged environment. Eufix-S includes an accelerated drying additive for productive and timely installations.

Accreditations & Associates

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rospa 2023 President's Award
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