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NOx Control Systems

Unique Array of Solutions

Ammegen provides an integrated solution to plant operators incorporating computational fluid dynamic (CFD) study and analysis with the technological solutions tailored to optimise furnace combustion and air pollution control.

CFD combustion modelling is a vital element in our design evaluation and optimisation, used to support the development of your tailored solution.

Our expertise and comprehensive range of technology provide scalable, modular and flexible solutions to achieve combustion optimisation.

Importantly, our range of solutions provide an attractive return on investment and favourable alternatives to high-capital, conventional systems.

Our Approach to Over-Fire Air (OFA)

  • In conjunction with burner replacement or upgrades
  • OFA and/or advanced boosted or hybrid AOFA® depending on NOx reduction requirements
  • Customised design to fit specific furnace configuration
  • CFD combustion modelling to locate the OFA/AOFA® nozzles
  • Maximising NOx reduction whilst maintaining or improving combustion performance

Primary NOx Reduction Options

  • Fuel distribution and control
  • Combustion tuning and optimisation
  • Burner modifications and combustion optimisation
  • Burner replacement (i.e. Low-NOx Burners)
  • Over-Fire Air (OFA)
  • Advanced Over-Fire Air (AOFA®)

Secondary NOx Reduction

  • Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) systems

Advanced NOx Reduction and AOFA® Technology

Ammegen is a pioneer in providing cost-effective NOx emissions solutions across a wide range of combustion processes.

Our AOFA® and SNCR systems are the core of our NOx emissions reduction portfolio.

These systems are custom engineered to your unique application and can be applied individually or in combination with a range of integrated systems to ensure compliance with your specific and evolving needs.

Ammegen’s systems are customised to fit each client’s unique system properties and plant configuration.



Ammegen Solution for Enhancing Combustion Performance in the Power Generating Industry.


Combustion modelling

Ammegen uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling.

Combustion modelling

CFD & DEM Modelling

CFD modelling is a flow simulation technique for two- and multi-phase flows.

CFD & DEM Modelling

PF Measurement and Control

Our Systems Division products and services offer an array of PF technologies.

PF Measurement and Control

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