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Dynamic Measurement and Control of Pulverised Fuel (PF)

Our Systems Division products and services offer an array of PF measurement, control and combustion analytic technologies (including predictive fuel distribution modelling) associated with delivering improved combustion performance in today’s challenging operational environment.

Supported by in-house CFD and DEM design experts our ability to enhance and optimise stoichiometric conditions using primary methods is unrivalled throughout the world.

For operational flexibility, improved load turndown, emission reduction, minimum stable generation and optimised efficiency, it is critical to respect the importance of good fuel distribution. One of the limiting factors associated with load reduction is the onset of burner flame-out and the associated need for oil support.

Addressing combustion and flame stability through improved fuel and air distribution, as well as controlling PF fineness and PA/PF velocity, reducing uncontrolled air ingress and online monitoring of unburned carbon-in-ash loss on ignition (LOI), will deliver significant improvement to combustion performance.

Improvement includes emissions compliance, combustion efficiency and associated reduction in fuel cost as well as reduced levels of CO, slagging, fouling, corrosion and erosion all having associated commercial benefits.

Operational flexibility also extends to fuel switch and the need to optimise the conveying of alternative fuel such as biomass. Greenbank have been instrumental in the successful redesign of PF pipelines where plants have converted from coal to biomass.

We offer:

  • CFD Predictive Fuel Distribution Modelling
  • GravMaster® Gravimetric Fuel Feeder
  • MillMaster® PF Particle Size Analyser
  • CoalFlo® Damper Distribution Control for PF at Mill Outlets
  • VARB® & Control-Gate PF Fuel Diffuser & Control at Pipe Splits
  • PfMaster® PF Monitoring System
  • DCU® Dedicated Control Unit
  • G-CAM® & H-CAM® Carbon-in-Ash Analysers



Ammegen Solution for Enhancing Combustion Performance in the Power Generating Industry.


Combustion modelling

Ammegen uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling.

Combustion modelling

CFD & DEM Modelling

CFD modelling is a flow simulation technique for two- and multi-phase flows.

CFD & DEM Modelling

PF Measurement and Control

Our Systems Division products and services offer an array of PF technologies.

PF Measurement and Control

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