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Greenbank India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the Greenbank Group and Joint Venture (JV) company designed to support and supplement the Groups activities in India and assist with local administration, procurement and manufacture to provide the most cost-effective solution for our customers needs.

Engineering & Technical Services

  • Site Survey/3D Scanning
  • Scheme Proposal
  • Engineering & Detail Design
  • Pipework & Supporting Systems
  • Conceptual & Proof Design
Engineering & Technical Services

PF Measurement & Control

  • CFD Predictive Fuel Distribution Modelling
  • GravMaster® Gravimetric Fuel Feeder
  • MillMaster® PF Particle Size Analyser
  • CoalFlo® Damper Distribution Control for PF at Mill Outlets
  • VARB® & Control-Gate PF Fuel Diffuser & Control at Pipe Splits
  • PfMaster® PF Monitoring System
  • DCU® Dedicated Control Unit
  • G-CAM® & H-CAM® Carbon-in-Ash Analysers
PF Measurement & Control

Combustion Products

  • Detect and Manage boiler tube leaks directly using GA200® boiler steam leak detection system
  • Improve air-to-fuel ratio and PF distribution
  • Improve and monitor particle fineness and milling performance
  • Extend the line of plant and equipment with wear protection solutions
  • Monitor combustion efficiency directly using G-CAM® & H-CAM Carbon-in-Ash Analysers
Combustion Enhancement Products

Wear & Surface Protection Systems

  • Abrasive and Corrosive Resistant Lining Systems
  • Industrial & Commercial Flooring
  • Sewage Systems
Wear & Surface Protection

Accreditations & Associates

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