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The University of Leicester Festival of Postgraduate Research

GAIM's Dr Jake Roberts was amongst the judges at the University of Leicester’s Festival of Postgraduate Research which was held at the University yesterday.

The Festival offers students, employers, the wider research community and the public an opportunity to meet the next generation of innovators and cutting edge researchers.

The researchers are selected from a wide cross-section of disciplines across the University including biological science, business, science, engineering, social science and the arts.

The Festival helps develop the research postgraduates’ ability to communicate effectively and gives them opportunity to showcase their innovative work to non-specialist audiences.

The researchers were judged on their posters and oral presentation and prizes were awarded to those who gained the highest marks.

Greenbank sponsored the Ultimate prize which was the ‘master prize for best presentation.’ It was won by Jamie Broderick whose subject was Science and Engineering and it was presented by Greenbank’s MD Charles Conroy.

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