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Rugby star steps in to help drive Greenbank growth

Rugby star steps in to help drive Greenbank growth

A Derbyshire-based engineering company is teaming up with a former rugby international in a bid to drive sustainable growth as it explores new markets and business opportunities.

For more than 70 years, the Greenbank Group has built an enviable reputation for engineering excellence as a supplier to heavy industry, but fundamental shifts in many sectors it serves have seen the business develop a strategic focus on diversification and innovation.

Now the company is ready to take the next steps in its evolution and has called up former England winger Rory Underwood and his team of expert business strategy consultants to help develop a new strategic business plan for the Group.

Charles Conroy, Greenbank Managing Director, explained: “Historically, our core business has revolved around the design, manufacture, installation of plant and equipment for coal-fired power stations in the UK and overseas.

“While we expect coal to continue playing a role in electricity generation for some time to come, climate change and resulting emissions legislation across the globe are seeing the sector switch to alternative fuel sources.

“Rather than seeing these changes as a threat, we see the transition as a real opportunity for Greenbank.”

While the company has already played a leading role in helping operators reduce carbon and other harmful emissions, and switch to more sustainable fuels, it has also prioritised the development of products and services for its clients in other sectors, including mining, aggregates, and water treatment.

It has also diversified into new markets, such as carbon capture, rail and aerospace, reflecting the flexibility of its manufacturing facilities in Derbyshire and North Wales.

In a rapidly changing business environment, the Group is now looking to consolidate its position while equipping Greenbank’s management team with the skills it needs to take the project based business to the next level.

“Over the next few months, we will be working with Rory and his Wingman consultancy to help colleagues work together and ensure everyone is aligned with our strategy for the future,” Charles said.

“This will include a series of workshops aimed at helping colleagues understand our plans and build an implementation plan that makes sustainable success inevitable.”

Wingman’s expertise lies in crafting clear and purpose-driven programmes that guide businesses to their desired destinations through a well-defined strategy. They ensure organisations are aligned with strategy priorities and goals, assisting businesses to create a high-performance environment, where every action and decision aligns with their strategic intent. Wingman’s mission is simple; to enable organisations to deliver their strategy effectively.

Speaking after the first workshop, Rory Underwood added: “We are very excited to be working with Greenbank Group to prepare the organisation for delivering its growth strategy. Greenbank are a successful company and know there will be some challenges whilst navigating this growth, and we are looking forward to facilitating them through this journey.”

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