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Rivelin WTW - Sirofloc is no more!

Thanks are passed from J N Bentley to all the stakeholders and the supply chain community involved with the construction of the new clean water process plant at Rivelin.  The rehearsal shutdown last week has made today a non-event. Special thanks go internally to John Kirby, Mark Gascoigne, Haydn Jones and the rest of the delivery team.

The Sirofloc process was turned off at 1000hrs today, the stop logs have been fitted into the RGF inlet channel and the inlet butterfly valve has been fully opened to divert all flows into the Clarifiers.  The penstocks to the Sirofloc have been isolated.  The 3 clarifiers are back into supply and the 4th clarifier is filling and should go into service around 1600hrs today.  Flows to the inlet works are set at 45 Ml/d.  The software has been enabled for the 3 thickeners and they are treating all flows.  The guys will be on site for the rest of today ensuring the process units settle down.

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