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GTL Systems and GAIM working in harmony

gaim and gtlUK Power plants invest in Systems Division and GAIM technology.

After the success of the initial H-VARB installations at UK Power Stations, 2 more stations have decided to invest in Greenbank's H-VARB technology.
One station has placed orders for H-VARBís and Control Gates for the top half of boilers 1 and 3.Coal delivered to the top half of the boiler gets less residence time inside the boiler and therefore has less time to burn, so good distribution of Pulverised fuel is essential at the top. Another station has also purchased a Ďboiler setí PfMaster Coal Flow Monitoring System, having 48 sensors and 2 processors so the engineers can analyse the distribution of PF across the whole boiler face.
Once installed, they can place future H-VARBís in strategic positions where poor distribution is apparent.

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