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Greenbank's New Joint Venture - Ammegen Ltd

Ammegen Ltd

Greenbank Group is pleased to formally announce a new joint venture.  The joint venture, named Ammegen Ltd, is registered in the UK with Greenbank being the majority shareholder.

Ammegen Limited is unique business combining the strengths of Greenbank Group (UK), Nitec Energy Services (Canada) and Reaction Analytic Solutions Corporation (USA) to bring performance enhancement and advanced air pollution control solutions to the global market for the reduction of NOx, CO, SO2, SO3 and HCl. This includes both pre- and post- combustion technologies. It is intended that the Engineering hub of the new JV will be at our Woodville site, having on-going support, experience and technical know-how delivered from our North American partners.

Utility boilers burning fossil fuels worldwide are continuously challenged by stringent emission regulations. For example, in European Union countries, NOx emission limit has dropped to below 200 mg/Nm3 for most coal-fired boilers, as part of the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD). In China, the NOx limit for large coal-fired utility boilers has been set to below 100 or 200 mg/Nm3, depending on year that the boiler was installed. In India, the new NOx emission limits set by government in 2015 are divided into three levels: 1) 600 mg/Nm3 for utilities installed before 2002, 2) 300 mg/Nm3 for utilities installed between 2003 and 2016 and 3) 100 mg/Nm3 for utilities installed since 2017.

To meet these NOx emission limits, especially above 200 mg/Nm3, utilities are faced with the option of either installing a costly Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system or a low NOx system. However, NOx reduction and management experience in the US and Europe in the past suggests that the most cost-effective approach is to first maximise NOx reduction through primary and secondary methods before flue gas treatment technology such as SCR is considered. By achieving greatest NOx reduction through primary and secondary measures this can result in eliminating SCR or a lower cost SCR system since there is less further reduction to be achieved.

The range of products and technologies Ammegen offers from Greenbank’s own range of Systems Division fuel-distribution and control products, to full Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction [SNCR] is second to none in the world. This gives our new venture the ability to provide and unrivalled pitch at any emission reduction challenge.

MD Charles Conroy states;  'I think this is the most exciting thing to have happened to the Greenbank Group and its employees in recent history. It puts the business on another technical level and it is a natural step to take from the pre-combustion technologies we have developed. It also gives our people the ability to develop themselves and advnace their careers much further.

Whilst the Ammegen website is being developed, details can be found by downloading Ammegen's new brochure located in the download section of this website.


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