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Greenbank’s GSCAN-3D delivering savings on installation costs


Companies operating across a wide range of industrial sectors are set to make significant savings on the installation of pipework, steelwork and other plant and equipment thanks to state-of-the-art laser scanning technology from the Greenbank Group.

The Derbyshire-based specialist engineering company has developed its GSCAN-3D service in response to the requirements of clients in power generation, minerals processing, manufacturing and other heavy industries.

Utilising precision laser scanning technology, GSCAN-3D is capable of capturing accurate information on the size and location of existing plant and equipment, accurately mapping the layout of areas where new installations are planned.

Greenbank’s GSCAN-3D laser scanners produce highly accurate and complex geometry scans taken in relatively short time frames, with tolerance levels of just +2mm over a range of 0-130 metres. These precise measurements are supported by cutting edge software that’s been embraced by Greenbank to produce ‘as-built’ surveys.

Ray Moorehead, Greenbank Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “This sophisticated software package includes  ‘clash detection’ analysis tools to minimise the time it takes to install new equipment and reduce the risk of projects being subject to unexpected delays.

“The process has the potential to significantly reduce installation times and project timescales, generating the potential for important cost savings.”

“An additional benefit of GSCAN-3D’s associated engineering software is the ability to create detailed documentation and highly accurate modelling of plant layout conditions, including all piping, steel, building or infrastructure elements.”

The impressive technology is used by Greenbank for the installation of its own range of products – including abrasion resistant pipework and material handling systems - and is also offered as part of the company’s ‘engineering only’ service capability.

The raw data produced by GSAN-3D can be supplied as CAD files for the end user to edit and utilise as they wish.

The system is compatible withFARO Scene, Autodesk Recap Pro, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk 3d Plant and files can be generated in 3d point cloud, recap format *.rcp plus alternatives *.iges and *.e57 3d point cloud which can all be imported into Autodesk and other 3D CAD software.


A Navisworks file showing the point cloud and the 3d model together. The image produced at a plant in Indonesia can be set up as a video and  ‘walk’ or ‘fly’ through the model to give real world images of site conditions. Greenbank was able to scan, download and process the files at site on a daily basis before sending them back to the UK for immediate conversion into 3D models. To produce similar results using traditional methods may have taken several weeks.

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