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Greenbank Wins China Contract for Optimisation Technology

China OptimisationGreenbank Group UK announced that the company has won a commercial contract with Datang Guiguan Heshan Power Generation Co. Ltd, one of the largest power generation companies in China.

The contract marks a significant milestone for Greenbank in the coal-fired power market, demonstrating Greenbank’s global strength and commitment to delivering market leading cleaner coal technology products.

Under the contract, Greenbank will supply China Datang with their state-of-the-art G-CAM Carbon-In-Ash Monitor for the Heshan Power station, the largest coal fired power station in the Guangxi Province of China.

Greenbank’s G-CAM Carbon-In-Ash Monitor is an on-line analyser which uses cutting edge microwave techniques to measure the amount of un-burnt coal remaining during the power generation process.

The ability to do this will provide Heshan Power station with real time information about the combustion efficiency and performance of their coal fired boilers and enable them to measure, improve and optimise their combustion and emission levels.

“This is a significant contract for us as it further reinforces our position as a one of the leading global suppliers of coal-fired boiler optimisation products”, said Charles Conroy, Managing Director of the Greenbank Group."

“Technology that improves boiler efficiency plays a crucial part in making coal a significantly cleaner source of fuel. We strongly believe that by continuing to invest in research and development in products such as the G-CAM we can help coal-fired power stations like Heshan become greener, cleaner, and more efficient”, he added.

Greenbank’s G-CAM analysers will be installed and commissioned on two of the Heshan Power Station’s coal-fired boilers early next year.

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