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Greenbank Venture into Rail Industry

Garrendale Jigs

Greenbank dips its toes into the Rail industry with the manufacture of jigs and fixtures for the assembly of train carriages designed and supplied by the Garrandale Group for Bombardier based in Derby. 

Components made and assembled at both the Terotechs workshop in Woodville, Derbyshire and Greenbank Engineering Services’ workshops in Creswell, Nottinghamshire were delivered to a tight production schedule and will feature on a new production line at Bombardier's plant in Derby.

An array of highly accurate fabricated jigs and fixtures were manufactured utilising a wide variety of our skilled employees in the fabrication, welding, machining and fitting departments at both our UK based production facilities.

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Accreditations & Associates

Forefront UKAS
rospa 2023 President's Award
rail forum midlands
rail alliance