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Greenbank Presented with two Rushlight Awards for Power Technology

RishlightGreenbank were presented with two awards for their VARB PF Diffuser Technology at the inaugural Rushlight Awards 2007. The presentation took place at the New Connaught Rooms in London.

The first award was the Rushlight Fossil Fuel Award, presented by Stephen De Souza, Director Distributed Energy, Energy Technology Unit BERR.

The second award was the prestigeous Rushlight Power Generation Award, sponsered and presented by Alex Lambie, CEO, Welsh Power Group Ltd.

The Rushlight Awards are new. They are designed to celebrate the significant achievements of UK and Irish technology, innovation and commerce in helping to address the key issues of climate change and waste management.

The awards seek to set out the substantial advances that have been made, to promote and support the organizations and their achievements so far and to inform consumers, investors and industry of the progress that has been made, the choices that now exist and the future investment opportunities that lie ahead.

The Stern Review has made it very clear that there is much to be done. Put in the context of what has already been achieved makes the challenge much more palatable. These awards, inter alia, recognize and seek to facilitate three of the strategies for decarbonizing the power sector identified in the review, namely boosting low carbon technology, encouraging research and development and informing, educating and persuading individuals about what is available and so what can be done to respond to climate change. But these awards go beyond the climate change arena and cover waste management too, which is linked but is also an issue in its own right, in the context of dwindling landfill resources and pollution, with the associated health risks.

These awards stand out as the only UK and Ireland wide awards for technology, innovation and commerce that have advanced society’s capabilities to live in a sustainable way. The awards are wholly independent, both in the form of judging and also in the context of not being connected with any particular journal or publication.

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