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Greenbank Joins IEA CCC

IEAGreenbank has been invited to join energy giants such as Eon, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, Alstom and UK Coal to become part of the UK team for the IEA Clean Coal Centre.

The invitation officially came from BERR, the Government’s business department who identified Greenbank as a useful partner.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre is one of the International Energy Agency’s initiatives and our involvement will allow us to become part of an international programme of energy cooperation.

The purpose of the UK team is to provide specialist and technical advice to the UK BERR representative at the IEA Clean Coal Centre, essentially helping to set the international government agenda on using coal as an
energy source with minimum environmental impact.

We are delighted to become members, as it means that not
only are we being given the opportunity to contribute our
knowledge and expertise at government level, we will benefit on the R&D side of our business by being able to access the extensive information facilities available via the IEA.

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