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Greenbank Girls Reach New Heights for Charity

AbseilIn a towering show of girl power, five fearless female staff members from The Greenbank Group in Woodville have just abseiled down Derby Cathedral, and all in the aid of charity!

The girls were part of a group of adrenalin junkies who made the 212ft drop in order to raise funds for the Derby Mountain Rescue Team and the cathedral itself.

The Greenbank team, made up of Kimberley Warrington, Rachel Culshaw, Sally Hall, Jessica Carpenter and Slavaya Mihaylova, raised over £500 in sponsorship as well as quite a few cheers of support as they made their decent!

“It was fantastic!” said Kimberley, “When we first decided to do the abseil, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was really quite nervous, but now having done it, I’d love to climb right back up and do it all again!”.

“What makes it even more rewarding is knowing that by doing this we have helped raise much needed money for two really worthwhile causes!” she added.

The event, which was held on 26th & 27th of September under the expert supervision of members from the Derby Mountain Rescue Team, saw just over 150 people abseil a combined distance of more than 6 miles over a 12 hour period!.

Nick Berry from the Derby Mountain Rescue Team commented: “The voluntary service we provide is entirely funded by public donations and so it’s really great to have such strong support from local companies like Greenbank”.

All the money raised at the weekend will go towards funding several projects at the cathedral as well as helping the Derby Mountain Rescue Team in their efforts to establish a new permanent headquarters in Derbyshire.

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