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Greenbank brings Czech sewer revolution to the UK

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A revolutionary new sewer system protection product is making its way to the UK for the first time.

As Czechoslovakia’s ‘Velvet Revolution’ freed the country from communism, Greenbank Group and its Czech partner Eutit started their own basalt ‘revolution’ for the waste water industry.

Prague’s outdated sewer system caused devastation in the floods of 2002, with the Victorian-era sewer system needing to be refurbished to meet the needs of the vibrant, 21stCentury European capital that the city had become.

Prior to this flooding the on-going collapse of the sewer system had caused sink-holes to appear in several places in the city in public and residential areas. A solution was needed to future-proof the system.

Finding a local solution, basalt was introduced to improve and extend the lifespan on the sewer system. And thanks to its unrivalled abrasion-resistant properties, volcanic basalt has proved a revolutionary and perfect replacement for the city’s flood damaged brick sewers.

“The results for owners and managers of sewage disposal systems really do speak for themselves,” explained Charles Conroy, Greenbank Group Managing Director.

“Basalt guarantees increased flow rates, reduced maintenance costs and additional protection on locations prone to wear. It also offers excellent resistance to water jet cleaning when compared to other materials like concrete or brick.

“In short, this revolutionary product is the most cost-effective and reliable on the market to increase the lifespan of sewer systems, even under the added pressures of modern living.

Eutit have been at the forefront of this basalt revolution since 1995, becoming a leader in the best solutions for sewer system protection.

A specialist engineering company, the Greenbank Group has a long-standing relationship with the Czech firm, having worked with it on a wide range of lining products for use in heavy industries such as power generation and minerals extraction.

“Eutit’s work on the Prague sewer system has shown that the use of basalt solutions really is revolutionary for the waste water industry, adding a new level of security to systems. Basalt has really proved its worth in the sewer systems of this historic city and we’re excited to bring this revolution to the UK,” Mr Conroy added.

The partnership is bringing a wide-range of basalt products for implementation in all sewage disposal systems and drainage projects, including bottom gutters, branch pipes and tubes, slip-resistant elements for walkways and they can even supply bespoke shaped tiles to meet the unique requirements of individual clients.

Basalt tiles can also be used to line existing brickwork, a more cost effective solution than full replacement and their reduced drag co-efficient means improved flow – in effect a smaller diameter pipe or tunnel lined with basalt can carry a higher volume of water than a larger one with traditional brick surfaces. What’s more the effective life expectancy of basalt sewer lining systems is well in excess of 100 years thanks to their resistance to abrasion and chemicals commonly used in the in the industry.

As Greenbank brings this know how to the UK, this basalt revolution is changing the face of waste water system projects for the better.

To find out more about our basalt products, water companies, contractors and pipe manufacturers should contact the Greenbank Group on 0845 0707 094 or email

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