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German Engineers Choose Greenbank’s own ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’

GA200 Series BSLD4 new coal-fired generating boilers at Eemshaven and Westfalen in Germany will have the latest Greenbank GA200® series Boiler Steam Leak Detection system fitted in 2015 and 2016.

The state-of–the-art 54 sensor systems will include both GA202 airborne and GA203 structure borne sensors.

Greenbank’s GA200® series advanced acoustic steam leak detection system accurately identifies and locates boiler tube leaks at early stages against the noise of an operational boiler.

The system will detect a leaks high frequency sound amongst the background noise of an operational boiler days before the sound becomes loud enough to hear with the human ear. This allows the engineer to identify a problem, plan its repair and alleviate the chance any secondary damage or the risk to plant operatives. The boiler can then have a repair undertaken quickly and efficiently at a planned shutdown having its location identified in advance.

The multiple sensor system, supported by a GA201® advanced processing system, provides rapid analysis of sound data from the raw output of each sensor. The system enables independent user-analysis via remote engineering screen.

The GA200® processing system is unique as it:

- intelligently removes all of the boilers background noise
- provides perfect sound clarity of the leak.
- provides an accurate indication of how far the sound has travelled
- provides clear indication and proximity of a tube leak

After successful implementation on numerous existing RWE plants, the large power utility provided Greenbank the breakthrough by having the GA200° system specified on new build plant.

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