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Experts in Beijing welcome Greenbank’s co-firing research

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Experts in clean coal technology from across the globe have been given an insight into Greenbank’s pioneering work with the power generation industry.

Co-firing biomass with coal is becoming an increasingly important means of generating electricity with fewer emissions, particularly in fast growing economies such as China.

A recent IEA Clean Coal Centre workshop in Beijing attracted hundreds of delegates for a series of presentations on policy, practice and the future of co-firing biomass.

Guest speakers included Sun Rui, a leading decision and policy proposal maker at the EPPEI; Michiel Carbo, from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands; Singapore-based Ivan Van Nierkirk of Engie France; and Zhuang Huiyang – Energy Research Centre of the Investment Association of China.

The closing session was chaired by Greenbank’s own Director of Sales and Marketing, Ray Moorehead, who highlighted the Group’s work in solving real plant biomass conveying and balancing issues.

Ray explained: “As well as enabling us to showcase our own research into the issues facing coal-fired plants operators looking to convert to co-firing or entirely to biomass, the event provided a fascinating insight into the direction the industry is taking.

“Delegates heard how China plans to reduce their emission targets by 20% by 2030 and 50% by 2050 and that the country has an abundance of agricultural waste that they plan to use in co-firing schemes.

“Currently they just burn it at point of harvest and this is producing high levels of additional pollution. Experts believe that if they can use this waste to increase co-firing by up to 10%, they can reduce their emissions by 13.9%.”

To achieve such ambitious targets, operators will need to retrofit power stations to handle the biomass, particularly when it comes to chute design in their bulk handling and conveying systems as well as balancing fuel supply to the burners.

“Through our research and development company, GAIM ( we’ve been leading the way in developing solutions to these problems and Greenbank has developed a range of effective products and systems that can be designed to fit the needs of individual power stations,” Ray said.

“I’m delighted to report that these solutions were very well received in Beijing, and enjoyed answering several positive questions from delegates at the end of my presentation,” he added.

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