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Ammegen to showcase its part in delivering cleaner coal technology


Better fuel distribution to improve combustion during flexible load operation will be put under the spotlight at a global conference to promote clean coal technology.

The topic will be the subject of one of 2 papers submitted and presented by experts from Ammegen, a joint venture between the UK-based Greenbank Group, Nitec Energy Services in Canada and Reaction Analytic Solutions Corp. in the US.

Delegates at the IAE Clean Coal Technologies Conference in Houston, Texas will hear how the increasing contribution of renewables to the grid is forcing coal power plants to be more flexible in operating with output ranges, from minimum load to maximum capacity, at higher ramp rate and with a shorter start up time.

The paper discusses methodology to improve combustion at flexible operation by balancing fuel distribution across the burners and its potential to reduce thermal fatigue, degradation of emission control system and decreases in boiler efficiency and auxiliary equipment performance.

A global-leader in the design and installation of clean coal technology, Ammegen builds on the unique expertise of its partners to deliver both pre- and post-combustion technologies, computational fluid dynamic modelling and state-of-the-art measurement and monitoring systems to reduce NOx, CO and SO2 emissions.

Ray Moorehead, Greenbank Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “The conference in June provides the ideal opportunity to update the energy generation sector on the huge strides Ammegen is making to ensure coal-fired plants improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

“The advances made will help to ensure that coal continues to play a vital role, alongside renewables, in meeting the world’s future energy needs.”

Ammegen’s second paper for the conference covers CFD-based chemistry submodels to design and optimize Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems for acid gas removal.


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