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Leigh Waste Water Treatment New Biogas System

Leigh Waste Water Treatment Works is an asset owned and operated by United Utilities. The main purpose of the site is for the treatment of storm water, waste water and sludge produced by homes and businesses in the surrounding area.

Franklyn Yates Engineering was commissioned by the Tier 1 principal contractor KMI who manage projects on behalf of United Utilities. KMI managed a major refurbishment on the Leigh WwTW site with significant support from Franklyn Yates. The project had been initiated to provide the local area with a smoother and more efficient waste water processing system and provide a working life expectency for the newly installed equipment of a minimum of 20 years.

KMI selected Franklyn Yates Engineering to undertake the design, manufacture, supply of materials, delivery to site, offloading, positioning, installation and testing required to complete a Biogas and Digester ancillaries package of work.


During the early involvement in the project and through meetings with the KMI engineering team, areas of work were identified where savings could be made and efficiencies introduced. This was achieved by challenging the initial proposed pipework routes and as a result one of three originally proposed pipe bridges was removed from the scope of work. This also removed the need for an extra condensate pot and the interconnecting stainless steel pipework and fittings. The associated isolation and condensate drain valves that would have been required in the original design were no longer needed.

Rationalisation of the mechanical works design had a positive knock on effect that resulted in further savings and efficiencies for the civil and electrical works.


All works had to be completed to the agreed method statements, risk assessments and internal test plans. A weekly progress report was sent to the client informing them of the current status and programme adherence.

The main tasks included:

  • Design, off site fabrication and on-site installation of grade 316L stainless steel pipework systems and a selection of PN25 rated fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coated carbon steel pipework. This was taken from an original concept design with an overall view of the completed pocess system showing positions of the main items of plant, equipment and concrete structures. This was then reviewed and the pipework systems and routing were developed and approved with the clients and other members of their supply chain community.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of pipe bridges, high level supports and general pipework support brackets.
  • Supply, positioning, lining, levelling and securing of all associated condensate pots.
  • Receive, offload and install various free issue equipment including gas boosters, conditioning units and process specific valves.
Leigh Waste Water Treatment New Biogas System

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