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Huyton Unsatisfactory Intermittent Discharges(UID)

There are three large water mains which run along Liverpool Road in Huyton. These mains are essential in helping to supply fresh clean water to around 250,000 homes and businesses across Knowsley and Liverpool. 

The Victorian mains had suffered from several bursts, causing disruption, upset and inconvenience to local residents and businesses.

There is a multi-million pound programme being undertaken by United Utilities to upgrade and strengthen the network in Huyton and give these major water mains a new lease of life. 

Two of the pipes have been replaced and modernisation of the third and final major water main in the area is underway, securing the network in Huyton for years to come. As part of this capital project FYEL were contracted by KMI to complete the mechanical installation elements of the project



  • Design, manufacture and installation of scotchkote hopper and DN800 pipework
  • Design, manufacture and installation of DN150 / DN100 ductile iron rising mains
  • Design, manufacture and installation of DN150 ductile iron Tremie pipework
  • Installation of duck feet, pumps and guide rails
  • Design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel pipe supports
  • Installation of detention tank isolation penstock to DN1500 feed pipe work
  • Testing of all ductile iron pipework


  • Installation of inline flow meters
  • Installation of non-return flap mechanism  to incoming sewer


FYEL worked alongside KMI to tease out an acceptable solution to all the safety constraints this project had to offer. Access, egress and the need for a safety rescue plan while working in a 1000m3 / 14 metre deep tank were paramount; FYEL adopted a crane and man basket tactic for the safe installation of the pumps and pipework systems. This safe system of work was backed up by a separate independent smaller crane with its own man basket, along with two top men to extract FYEL personnel should any dangerous situation arise.

Once again with good planning, management systems in place and good communication with KMI, FYEL completed the project ahead of schedule.

Huyton Unsatisfactory Intermittent Discharges

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