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Claylane WTW - Rochdale

Clay lane WTW supplies customers in the Rochdale area with a maximum of 16MI per day of treaded drinking water. A long term deterioration in raw water quality feeding the works (increasing in colour) meant UU had an AMP5 regulatory undertaking to improve treatment and secure compliance with standards for colour and trihalomethanes. With very little space available at site for new structures the decision was made to utilise the primary filtration stage by replacing it with a membrane filtration system.


TASKS / Membrane building

  • Installation of CP unit Membrane end towers

  • Installation of air system skid assembly

  • Installation of 2No air receivers

  • Installation of 2No compressors

  • Installation of 2No air blowers

  • Installation of 2No CIP tanks

  • Fabrication and installation of all interconnecting pipework

TASKS / Neutralisation area

  • Installation of 4No Neutralisation pumps

  • Installation of 2No Neutralisation tanks

  • Fabrication and installation of interconnecting pipework

Tasks / Inlet area

  • Installation of 2No Bol filters

  • Fabrication and installation of interconnecting pipework


Due to the limited space and restraints within the membrane building, this project produced some unique challenges from a fabrication point of view. With very little space left for the pipework systems after the installation of the new plant and equipment FYEL couldn’t always utilise standard fittings, the majority of the systems had to be bespoke designed to enable the pipework to be shoe horned into what space was left to work with. Working closely with our client, FYEL made some subtle changes to the original design which allowed the pipe systems to integrate with new plant and equipment in a more effective manner.

Even though after hours working was restricted due to the close proximity of local residents FYEL, through good management and a highly skilled work force managed to deliver the project within the allotted time scale, ahead of program and within budget.

If you would like to find out more information on the overall works completed on site you will find a useful case study on the link below:

Claylane WTW - Rochdale

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