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Waste Management Policy

1. Aims

The Company’s waste management policy is based on the following principles, which are in order or preference priority:

2. Responsibilities

The Company is committed to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management programme that meets or exceeds all legislative and regulatory requirements placed on it.

All employees of the Greenbank Group have a personal responsibility for the way their conduct impacts on this policy and should take reasonable care to ensure that a responsible and approved disposal system is in place before undertaking any activity that results in the production of waste.

All employees of the Greenbank Group should satisfy themselves that any disposal, for which they are responsible, is conducted in a manner approved by the Greenbank Group. Should there be any doubt contact should be made in the first instance with the Greenbank Group Safety Officer who will either offer guidance or make the necessary introductions to ensure compliance.

Materials Handling

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Heavy Industrial

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