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Specialist Valves & Dampers

CoalFlo® PF Balancing Damper

Designed to aid the balancing of pulverised fuel (PF) distribution on multi-outlet pulverising, mill classifiers.

CoalFlo PF Balancing DamperGreenbank’s CoalFlo® PF Balancing Damper is refined for each specific application. The goal is to use CFD support to equalise the pressure drop in each classifier outlet pipeline, without rejecting PF or air as would typically be the case when using a standard valve or orifice type device.

The CoalFlo® Damper can be automated using air actuation and positioning in conjunction with a control panel which recognises back pressures down each pipeline fed from pressure transducers. The intelligent panel constantly monitors plant conditions and makes occasional and small adjustments to the CoalFlo® PF Damper to equalise the back pressure in each PF pipeline. Equalising the pressure drop subsequently leads to a more uniform distribution from multi-outlet mills. The valve, which has patent application pending, is designed to be robust with 4 year maintenance intervals.

KleNEflo Non-Return and Mill Isolation Valves

Designed to operate in pulverised fuel (PF) systems and maintain an open position during operation and then shut upon pressure drop or flash-back from the boiler. Over its length the KleNEflo valve gives the lowest pressure drop of its kind.

KleNEflo Non-Return Valve [NRV]

Non-Return ValveThe KleNEflo NRV is designed to be installed upstream as close to the burner or boiler as possible in order to prevent the passage of flames or hot furnace gases back down the pipeline towards the mill.

The KleNEflo NRV flap operates on a simple but reliable sealed bearing arrangement that has been developed over the years to operate effectively with the minimum of maintenance. A counter balance weight is incorporated into the Non-Return valve which is adjusted on site to provide the correct closing torque.

KleNEfloMill Isolation Valve [MIV]

The KleNEflo MIV is designed to be installed downstream as close to the pulverising mill or classifier top as possible enabling isolation during maintenance periods or during mill start-up. The construction of the valve is very simple and effective. The body comprises of a thick walled mild steel shell in which is inserted a replaceable wear resistant flap and seat. When the flap is open it hugs the profile of the body eliminating steps, cavities and ledges, retaining a cylindrical cross-section, ensuring minimum interference and pressure drop during operation. When the flap is closed it sits firmly into the specially profiled seat. The body of the valve can be either lined or unlined depending on duty and customer preference.

The KleNEflo MIV flap operates on the same bearing arrangement as the KleNEflo NRV but is power operated by pneumatic or electrical actuator(s). Salient Features of the KleNEflo Valve are described below:

  • Low pressure drop across the valve flanges
  • Minimum interference to PF flow
  • Simple, reliable construction and easily commissioned
  • Can be supplied lined or unlined
  • Can be designed to fit most diameters and applications

Fully maintainable, the valve can be fully refurbished and relined thus retaining the initial investment in the valve body.

WearFlo Slurry and Ash ValveWearFlo Slurry and Ash Valve

This is a development of the traditional Knife Gate slurry valve. The WearFlo valve is lined throughout with abrasive and corrosive resistant linings.

It can be given a variety of lining systems, which are designed to suit each individual application including Cast Basalt, Alumina, Zirconia and Silicon Carbide.

The WearFlo valve can be actuated manually or by a variety of electrical or pneumatic actuators.

Coal Bunker Valves

Coal Bunker ValvesGreenbank Coal-Bunker valves are used as a material isolation gate valve located under the bunker outlet. They are designed to cut through a standing column of material and provide isolation for control and maintenance purposes.