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Engineering and Technical Capability

Greenbank Terotech Ltd operates the Greenbank Group’s core design and manufacturing facilities and provides engineering support and design to the Group.

Its design and manufacturing facilities produce bespoke steel fabrications, pipework and supporting systems, abrasive and corrosive resistant lining systems, bulk material-handling systems and innovative custom technologies designed and engineered to minimise operational downtime, extend plant life, increase efficiency and optimise process and plant performance.

The company is renowned worldwide for its expertise in providing cost-effective solutions and piping systems for pulverised fuel, biomass, furnace bottom ash, fly ash, grit, dust and wet slurry piping systems together with all the associated equipment like chutes, valves, diverters, dampers, distributors, supports and secondary steelwork.

Greenbank Terotech is a unique engineering and manufacturing company which thrives on developing itself, its products and its employees to a level of excellence.

Engineering and Technical Capability

Site Survey

  • 3D Scanning Service & Support
  • Detailed Site Survey & Measurement

Scheme Proposal

  • Front End Engineering Studies
  • Feasibility, Assessment & Engineered Studies

Engineering & Detail Design

  • Routing, 3D Modelling
  • Structural Assessment Pipe
  • Ducting & Supporting Systems
  • General Arrangement & Installation Drawings

Conceptual and Proof Design

  • 3D Visual Engineering
  • Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Finite Analysis

Greenbank Terotech Ltd’s Engineering & Technical Department undertakes design and engineering projects in support of its own products and services as well as bespoke engineering studies. It provides an exceptional service, having all the detailed knowledge and resources required to make all its engineering projects successful.

Award-winning innovators at Greenbank Terotech have the breadth and depth of technical expertise to respond to the complex nature of many of our industry’s challenges. Whatever the problem, Greenbank has the skills, knowledge and experience to plan, design, manufacture and implement a well-engineered cost-effective solution.

Building on skills in mechanical, electro-mechanical, control and instrumentation has allowed the company to meet the demands of today’s heavy industrial market. Greenbank Terotech has grown its business to a respected national and international calibre as an assured innovator, designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality engineered products and systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Discrete Element Modelling

The company utilises Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) to supplement design and development of a variety of systems.

The numerical solution and algebraical equation methods Greenbank use have been developed in-house and correlated with both experimental data, as proven on our own test rig, and real-time data provided by our customers.

CFD and DEM analysis provides great potential for saving time in the design process and therefore proves more cost-effective and quicker when compared to conventional testing for data acquisition.

Greenbank is able to undertake modelling of fluid flow problems, particle tracking, particle control, chemical reactions, temperature and combustion processes.

By validating computer modelling against existing data, Greenbank can identify the optimum positions for devices in pipe networks as well as identifying areas of high pressure drop or poor air movement as successfully demonstrated with our VARB family of products.