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Dynamic Measurement and Control of Pulverised Fuel Distribution

The combined capabilities of the Greenbank Terotech’s Systems product line enable delivery of a totally balanced fuel feed from mill to burner, especially in front and rear wall-fired boilers, and can reduce unburned carbon-in-ash levels by as much as 50%.

Products such as the VARB® PF Diffuser, CoalFlo® damper and the G-CAM® carbon-in-ash monitor allow generators to burn coal more efficiently, providing substantial operational savings with the benefit of additional emission control.

Greenbank have technology is now in place to monitor and control pulverised fuel systems, whether black coal, lignite or biomass, through splits in piping systems or from mill outlet pipework. With Greenbank’s technology being so reliable, repeatable and responsive fuel balance can be controlled using a dedicated control unit (DCU) that ensures continued fuel balance and optimum stoichiometric combustion conditions under different and changeable loads.