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Product Release - Greenbank CoalFlo® PF Balancing Damper

Greenbank CoalFlo® PF Balancing DamperGreenbank are proud to announce the release of a new product developed to aid the balancing of pulverised fuel (PF) distribution on multi-outlet pulverising mill classifiers.

Greenbank’s CoalFlo® PF Balancing Damper has its design refined for each specific application. The goal, using CFD support, is to equalise the pressure drop in each classifier outlet pipeline without rejecting PF or air as would be the case should a standard valve or orifice type device.

The CoalFlo® Damper can be automated using air actuation and positioner in conjunction with a control panel which recognises back pressures down each pipeline fed from pressure transducers. The intelligent panel constantly monitors plant conditions and makes occasional and small adjustments to the CoalFlo® PF Damper to equalise the back pressure in each PF pipeline. Equalising the pressure drop subsequently leads to a more uniform distribution from multi-outlet mills.

The valve, which has patent application pending, is designed to be robust with 4 year maintenance intervals.

Literature is available from our downloads page.
08 April 2010

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