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Control Flow Chutes

Transfer chutes form an integral part of all Bulk Materials Handling systems and are a critical element in operational efficiency.

Inefficient designs can result in the degradation of material, increased spillage, generation of dust, increased wear on conveyor components and increased power consumption. Another knock-on effect of poor design can be increased costs stemming from spillage, demurrage, maintenance and additional repairs.

At GMH, we provide chute designs that increase the life expectancy of conveyor components, reduce downtime and minimise maintenance costs.

The new school of thought on chute design advocates the gentle guidance of material in the right direction, rather than intervention chutes that use deflector doors or impact to turn or deflect the material flow, which can consequently cause the diverter doors to fail. The maintenance problems of sticking diverter doors are eliminated and the capacity of the system is greatly increased by the use of swinging chutes.

From conception to installation, specialised GMH engineers combine the latest techniques in Computational Fluid Dynamics with expert design skills to produce high performance chutes which improve operational efficiency.