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Following the acquisition of H&H services, Greenbank Materials Handling can now supply a wide range of belt weighers, weigh feeders and loss in weight systems.

With over 20 years experience in the design, development and installation of weighing systems this new Greenbank division adds depth and value to the GMH portfolio of bulk materials handling solutions.

GMH offers a full range of industrial weighing equipment, including belt weighers, feeders, weigh screws and silo weighing.  Using either a Merrick MC3 controller, or one of our own budget GB range of controllers, this equipment can be used in loss in weight applications, as batching feeders or simply as weight monitors.

Alongside the Merrick range of continuous weighing equipment, we also have our own proprietary belt weigher for budget applications, or where space is at a premium and a Merrick weigh frame will not fit.  We can provide a fully compliant ATEX system if necessary.

The latest addition to our site services is the retrofitting of weighing equipment to comply with ATEX regulations.  This service comprises the supply of any relevant equipment, terminals, enclosures and isolators that may be required.  Our site team will come along and install the kit and supply you with the necessary certification to satisfy the regulations, thus taking the worry out of your mind.

Single Idler Belt Weigher Model HS 275 Single Idler Belt Weigher Model GB 275
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Whether you are conveying crushed ore, sand, gravel, or some other bulk materials, there is a 275 Single Idler Belt Weigher for your application.
Single Idler Belt Weigher Model 475 Single Idler Belt Weigher Model 475
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The Model 475 Single Idler Belt Weigher is a no maintenance, high accuracy belt weigher designed to utilise the clients existing idler set where necessary. Accuracies are normally better than +/- 0.5%. Where greater accuracy is need (Merrick have a certification of +/- 0.125%) multiple units can be added in tandem to the conveyor.
Weigh Belt Feeder Model 970 Weigh Belt Feeder Model 970
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The Model 970 Feeder is a robust lighter duty feeder, capable of capacities up to 10 M.T.P.H. for a variety of products including the food and plastics industry. These feeders include quick belt change and can incorporate automatic belt tensioning to reduce maintenance time.
Heavy Duty Weigh Belt Feeder Model 455 Heavy Duty Weigh Belt Feeder Model 455
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The Model 455 Feeder can handle capacities up to 2200 M.T.P.H. in tough industries where 24 hours a day 365 days a year is normal duty. The feeders are designed for low maintenance and quick belt change to ensure minimum down time.
Coal Feeder Model 496 Coal Feeder Model 496
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Merrick's pressurised model 496 Coal Feeders are specifically designed to work in extreme environments. they are used in specific industries such as power generation to feed pulverised coal to the boilers. As such they are designed to work under seal air pressure and can withstand explosions created by the fuel air mixtures present in these conditions. The Coal Feeders are built to and have N.F.P.A. Certification
Loss-in-Weight Feeder Model 570 Loss-in-Weight Feeder Model 570
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A range of Loss In Weight feeders can be offered ranging from capacities as low as 100 grammes per hour in the medical industry to 180 M.T.P.H in the cement industry. Loss In Weight feeders offer greater accuracy than conventional weighbelt feeders and are designed to work in dusty environments
Single Idler Belt Weigher Model HS 375 Single Idler Belt Weigher Model GB 375
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The GB 375 is the most advanced single idler weigh module available. Suitable for all weighing applications on a variety of materials and industries. the unit is proven in tough applications from quarries, mines, power generation, iron & steel, chemicals and food processing.

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