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Multi-phase Flows

Flows involving a combination of solids, liquids and gases which interact are known as multi-phase flows. These types of flows occur in applications such as sprays, solid particulate transport, state-changes, free surface flows, buoyancy problems and mixed species flows. GAIM can provide CFD analysis using a variety of modelling techniques which are scientifically chosen depending on the particulate sizes, concentration, speed and other variables that are vigorously assessed by our experienced staff.

Performing multi-phase simulations allows the user to clarify the impact of introducing a secondary phase to a flow system. The CFD can also ascertain particle wall interaction, concentration and mixing properties. GAIM can also assess at the quality of particulate distribution as it is transported in by a gas or liquid along a pipe network.

Typical applications of multiphase flows include but are not limited to:

  • Fluid spray design & optimisation
  • Fuel injection design & optimisation
  • Particulate tracking & concentration
  • Free surface flows
  • Mixed species & reacting flows

Multi-phase flows     Multi-phase flows     Multi-phase flows