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Microwave Moisture Monitoring and Parallel Mass Flow Computing

Greenbanks Project role: Research and development.

The microwave moisture technology has been used in coal conveying to detect the water content which is inherent deep within the coal crystalline structure. The moisture content negatively affects combustion. To dry the coal the conveying air within the pipes are heated to a pre determined temperature to effectively dry the coal.

In some power stations moisture monitors are not even used and the heating in the PF conveying lines is arbitrarily set. Excess heating causes energy loss and too little heating causes combustion efficiency loss and moisture creates acidic flue gasses.

The current moisture technologies are applied before the coal feeder. The moisture of the coal can change dramatically from the bunker to the point at which it is being fed to the mill.

Greenbank’s technology aim to carry out moisture monitoring after the feeder and before the coal enters the mill for grinding. The novel technology being developed is a moisture detection using microwaves on free falling coal. Successful measurements of the moisture at this point will give a more accurate reading of the moisture in the used coal and from which less energy in heating the conveying lines is used.

Also by mathematical conversion the moisture monitor can also identify the mass flow of the product passing through. This device can therefore be effectively placed along the entire rout of PF transport.