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Industrial Fluid Systems

Industrial fluid dynamics is GAIM’s most advanced areas of expertise. With links to power generation, foundries and cement plants, GAIM has partaken in numerous CFD projects for optimisation of a specific process with the express dedication to improve efficiency.

A wide variety of industrial plant and equipment such as ducting, cyclones, furnaces, heat exchangers, condensers and valves all require detailed fluid dynamic design in order to operate efficiently. CFD enables the visualisation and quantification of the fluid flow phenomena which occurs in industrial environments that are otherwise impossible using other methods of sampling.

Typical applications of industrial fluid dynamics include but are not limited to:

  • Valve designs
  • Flow metering design and optimisation
  • Heat exchanger and waste heat recovery
  • Design and optimisation of mixers / separators
  • Jet & spray design
  • Particulate robe break up
  • Pressure drop & mass flow calculation
  • Heat transfer rates & temperature distribution calculation

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