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Hydrodynamics is an extension of the aerodynamic proficiency. GAIM can provide CFD fluid simulations which can be carried out either in steady-state or time-dependant analysis of hydrofoils, submersible vehicles, propellers, impellers, marine structures and marine plant simulations with a high level of staff experience and accuracy.

Typical hydrodynamic applications include but are not limited to:

  • Nozzles & spray equipment
  • Propeller/ impeller design
  • Marine structural loading
  • Marine vehicle dynamics
  • Fluid in pipework
  • Mineral separation, washing and cutting
  • Hydrodynamic plant & equipment

GAIM has vast experience in the modelling of hydrodynamics using CFD simulation in a wide range of applications. The experienced CFD staff can offer an accurate and detailed analysis of the flow and be able to identify viable areas of improvement for implementation and design optimisation. Such examples of simulating the complex nature of liquid flows within impeller driven flotation cells have been extensively researched for design optimisation has been carried out by GAIM.

Hydrodynamics     Hydrodynamics     Hydrodynamics