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GAIM’s Project role: Project SME and testing co-ordinator

The HeatPower project is developing a commercially and industry viable Waste Heat Recovery system (WHRS) for Power Generation in Cement plants. The technology will incorporate a Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process which uses thermal oil to recover low quality heat from the exhaust flue gasses which are available after the recuperator. A high efficiency heat exchanger will provide the heat transference from the flue gasses to the thermal oil. As the thermal oil heats and evaporates it drives a turbine creating usable electrical energy. The WHRS can create up to 1MW of energy from flue gases as low as 170°C.

GAIM have been incorporated at all levels of the project. Due to GAIM’s extensive experience in heavy industrial applications. They have been given the role of providing boundary conditions and overseeing all theoretical modelling, calculations, testing parameters, testing procedures and analysis of test results.

GAIM have also provided partners with accurate and informative CFD simulations of the existing air flow through a stack in a cement plant. GAIM have also optimised this airflow after incorporating a syphon which leads to the proposed WHRS system.