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GAIM’s Project role: Project SME and testing co-ordinator.

The goal of the FoundEnergy project is to develop a cost effective and low maintenance Waste Heat Recovery system (WHRS) for power generation within the foundry industry. The designed WHRS will be based on an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process, primarily related to the waste heat sources within the foundry plants. The purpose is to ultimately produce electrical energy and sell it directly to the power grids or use it for internal consumption purposes. This project will also provide an innovative cost effective metallic coating which protects the pipe work of the heat exchanger from acidic erosion, abrasive wear, and particulate build up.

With the extended experience in the technology development for industrial applications GAIM have been involved in all the testing procedures from the materials side to the overseeing of the fluidic parameters and therefore the performance of the WHRS system.

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