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Experimental Testing Facility (ETF)

GAIM boasts a 1/3 scale Pulverised Fuel (PF) experimental facility including separating cyclones which lead to weighing systems, bifurcating and trifurcating flow lines and de-dusting filters. We can monitor, measure, design and optimise on any of the following properties.

  • Current flow lines.
  • Design new flow lines.
  • Develop measurement systems.
  • Validate current systems.
  • Investigate properties of new and current particles on fluidic systems.

The testing facilities can achieve velocities of up to 35 m/s.

All pipe work can be interchanged to viewing windows. All pipes are fitted with Pitot-static probes and orifice plates for simultaneous pressure and velocity measurement. At no point is the flow unknown!

Experimental Testing Facility     Experimental Testing Facility