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Aerodynamics is the study of the air motion as it interacts with a solid body.

Fluid properties such as mass flow rates and pressure drops and fluid dynamic forces such as lift, drag and pitching moment can be readily calculated in addition to the wake effects.

The aerodynamic CFD Simulations that GAIM can provide includes, but are not limited to:

  • Building & Structure Wind Loading
  • Vortex Shedding and wake properties.
  • External Aerodynamics of vehicles or any other body.
  • Fan, Wing and Rotor Design
  • HVAC Applications, both internal and external.
  • Airborne Particle Transport
  • Ducting and pipe work
  • Balancing throttling and siphoning flow systems.

GAIM has vast experience in the modelling of aerodynamics using CFD simulation in a wide range of applications. Such examples of improving the balance of air within ducting and multi inlet/outlet pipe work from coal classifiers to improve combustion properties and power plant efficiency are regularly documented by GAIM.

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